I’m Pretty Sure Satan Invented Adobe Indesign

I admit, I should subscribe to Lynda.com and buckle down and watch Youtube tutorials. My mounting anger toward Indesign is my own fault. I freely admit this. However…


If you’re one of those smartypants people who can fluidly navigate between billions of Photoshop layers and use the Magic Eraser tool without any problems (seriously, what does that even do?!?), then I applaud you. Photoshop and Illustrator are awesome for designing and creating beautiful things. Indesign’s a total poser who’s trying to ride on those coattails. Indesign is like the little brother who’s jumping up and down squeaking “Look at me! I’m cool! Look at me!”

But it can’t fool me. I know it was invented by Satan and gets manufactured from a fiery rung in Hades. And every time I open a file and the devilish little window rudely reminds me that I’m missing fonts, I want to throw a hot pitchfork at Satan and tell him exactly where he can stick those missing fonts.

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