Love Me Tinderly?

So my beloved coworker Ershley thought it would be funny to install this dating app called Tinder on my iPhone while I wasn’t paying attention. I’d never heard of it and had no idea how it worked. Apparently it pulls a few photos from your Facebook profile, only allowing people to see a few minimal details like your age, location, and first name. So you see a person’s photo, and swipe left if you think they’re creepy or unattractive, and swipe right if they pass initial inspection. If you swipe right on their photo, and vice versa, then you’re alerted that you’re a match. My only question is…

Doesn’t this seem shallow?

Ershley argues that it’s not shallow- if you meet someone at a bar/ club/ shopping for banana peppers, you’ll be judging them on their looks anyways. But whatever happened to striking up conversation and getting to know someone before passing the “attraction judgement?” I realize that dating sites are more popular than ever and in this increasingly digital universe,  some people have had awesome luck meeting a mate this way. But even on other dating sites, I’ve heard you at least get more of a glimpse into someone’s personality. Tinder seems like the app equivalent of Regina George from Mean Girls.

Should I tell Ershley that as payback, I set her up on date with 25 year old Mike with the big muscles in the banana costume….or just let her find when he calls her?

One thought on “Love Me Tinderly?

  1. You forgot to add in that PERSONALITY OBV TRUMPS ALL. But nonetheless, I now know that you spent HOURS enjoying this fun little app because my Android-self can’t. You go girl and look forward to banana man calling this week 🙂

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