Top 8 Reasons Why Sriracha Should Hire Me As Their Brand Ambassador

Some like it hot. Some like it hotter. And then some are completely hell-bent on searing their taste buds under a tsunami of deliciousness!

I’m not sure how I lived so much of my adult life without Sriracha. Clearly my life didn’t have meaning until that first savory river of spicy lava graced my mouth with its divine tastiness.

Here’s why Sriracha should ask me to be their professional hot sauce enthusiast:

1) I will happily eat Sriracha Popcorn at every meal.

2) I will happily eat Sriracha Chocolate for dessert after every meal.

3) I don’t cook, but I will learn to just so I can try every heavenly concoction in the Sriracha Cookbook.

4) I scored junkie-status on the Sriracha Quiz!

5) Even though no one will see, I will rock Sriracha undies all the time. And if I ever get a boyfriend, he will have to rock them too.

6) I don’t wear girly shoes, but I will start to just so I can rock  some Sriracha Heels.

7) I’ll totally wear this to work every day.

8) I will hunt down those who speak ill of Sriracha, and peacefully (yet firmly) show them that they’re wrong. By gently throwing bottles of Sriracha at them.

And now if you’ll pardon me, I’m off to make a Srirach-a-rita. Cheers!

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