Eye Of The Tinder Tiger

I know I’ve spent some time explaining how I started using Tinder, and then how I came to despise it.  But now it’s time to examine a very baffling phenomenon…

The guys who post photos of themselves with a tiger.

Not Tiger Woods.

A real tiger.

Maybe I don’t lead a very charmed life, but I can’t image where I would be in the presence of a tiger. I will admit that I’m SUPREMELY jealous of Princess Jasmine from Aladdin, who gets to pet and nuzzle Raja. But where do these guys go to hang out with a tiger?

Do you go to a zoo? A rescue organization? Africa? Mike Tyson’s house?

I understand that tigers represent strength. Their blood is supposed to be magical. Their teeth are sharper than a brand new Ginsu. They’re quick. They’re smooth. They’re sexy.  I suppose it makes sense that Tinder weirdos want chicks to associate them with a powerful sexy beast.

Except then the next photo is a shirtless selfie of you pursing your lips so you’ve ruined everything.

Swipe left.

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