Pouting In Sweatpants


Pouting in sweatpants
Is what I’m gonna do
I’ve got a broken ankle
In anger I shall stew.

Pouting in sweatpants
Not as fun as it sounds
Cuz I drop my crutches
Then I’m crying on the ground.

Pouting in sweatpants
Cuz everything’s a bore
And hobbling across the room
Is a huge f*cking chore.

Pouting in sweatpants
When I’m feeling a lil chubby
I haven’t washed my hair
And my socks are looking grubby.

Pouting in sweatpants
I really want to clean
But sitting here like a loaf
Is making me kinda mean.

Pouting in sweatpants
And I need a friggin drink
Forgot to get  groceries
And the boot is starting to stink.

Pouting in sweatpants
This bone better heal
Very friggin quickly
Cuz I can’t really deal.

Pouting in sweatpants
For now I think I’ll snooze
And for the love of Buddha

Grouchily yours,

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