Getting Down To Business…Awesome Shout-Out From The LA Business Journal!

Most of my friends get write ups in my hometown newspaper when they get engaged or have a baby, and I’ll admit, it used to make me a wee bit envious. But now I no longer feel obligated to rock a 3-carat rock or to reproduce, because…

I got a shout-out from the LA Business Journal for my UCLA rap!


Back in 2012, I earned a certificate from UCLA Extension (GO BRUINS!) for Marketing w/ Concentration In Social Media. One of my classes, Best Practices in Social Media, was taught by PR guru Erik Deutsch. In addition to running his agency, Excel PR, Erik is the 2014 President of the LA Chapter of the PR Society of America. (Fun fact: I’m on the Social Media Committee for PRSALA this year!)

During the fall of 2012, I became super motivated to improve my writing skills. I was still getting used to turning my “poems” or “raps” into something cohesive, something that made sense, and something without f-bombs. I loved Erik’s class. His Powerpoints were great (he often snuck in pics of his adorable doggy), the guest lecturers were interesting, and the assignments were fun. I decided it’d be cool to create a theme song for the class, and viola…

The “Get Jive with 425” video was born. (Side note: the class code is UCLAx425, in case you were confused about the title.)

And yesterday, the LA Business Journal gave Erik and I a nice little shout-out on page 3!

Next goals: make the cover. Make a few spec jingles. Launch the new “Hire Me” video. Have it get noticed so someone will…well…hire me! Then celebrate new job with Girl Scout cookies and a very nice bottle of bourbon 🙂

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