What’s In A Name?

Look, I’m not cocky. I seriously doubt anyone would describe me as egotistical. In fact, I’m rather self-deprecating and 95% of the time, I despise even looking in the mirror. But the other day, I admit it – I googled myself.

It was mostly out of pure curiosity. Since I’m working on marketing myself as a copywriter/ blogger, I need to know what info is out there. (Also to make sure those provocative photos hadn’t yet surfaced…just kidding mom!) I don’t have the most common name, so normally there’s not too many search results. What I found amused me.

Other than the normal stuff  (my blog, personal website, Twitter, Facebook & LinkedIn) I discovered some gems:

Kim Tronics website

I mean, like, not to get my undies in a bunch, but this is a blatant case of bullsh*t. These impostors REALLY should have asked permission to use my likeness. I know my name is awesomely robotic and futuristic but c’mon. Apparently they are an “independent distributor of electronic components” so I understand the appeal of my moniker….but still.

Hilariously random meme

Ok, this one kills me. WHO MADE THIS MEME? Honestly. I will legit give you $25 if you can find out where on earth this came from. Will send you a Paypal or check upon proof of origin.

Some chick’s Tumblr account

So, this gal named Britt is an illustrator from Portland. Good for her! I admire artists. But why’d she have to swipe my cocktail name?

Having said that, I will give her props for her bio: “I am working to understand how to tell a truly great story. I am glad to not have braces anymore.” Good for you, Britt. Good for you. No one likes braces. But you gotta know how to tell a compelling story.

Some awesome Chilean “punk”band

Congrats, boys. You’ve earned a new fan in sunny SoCal. Even though I can’t understand a word of what you’re saying, your spirit definitely translates love into my heart.

And my personal favorite….

Something called Tronic Love

Tronic Love Volume 4 allegedly offers some lovely house music, including one track called “Bitch Lady.”


At the end of the day, I guess all we need is a little Tronic Love.