Vitamin Barf: Embracing Your Nausea

No, it’s not the purple gunk in the leftover red solo cup from last night’s beer pong.

No, it’s not one of those gross gummy chews from the giant vitamin bottle in your Christmas stocking every year.

And no, it’s not the new cocktail du jour at the douchey mixology bar down the street.

Vitamin Barf is an important sensation you should embrace.

Vitamin Barf is that unique mix of anxiety, fear, and well, nausea (duh) that you experience right before you take a flying leap out of your comfort zone.

Some people have a dose of Vitamin Barf before they make a presentation. Some get it before making a major life decision. Me, I get it when deciding between Hazelnut or Vanilla. Ok, not really, but I’ve been taking a lot of Vitamin Barf in the last 2 years.

Like when I decided to take out loans to go back to school at the tender age of 31.

Like when I earned a Marketing Certificate from UCLA Extension. (GO BRUINS!)

Like when I accepted a job as a project manager at the coolest branding/ design agency in Los Angeles.

Like when I make the gut-wrenching decision to leave said amazing job to pursue an entire new career as a writer. A career that I knew nothing about.

Like now, when I’m working on a book with a lot of deep dark secrets about my past and being nervous that a lot of people will judge me.

And also like now, when writing a spec script and wondering if it’ll be absolutely terrible. (OH CRAP, I was supposed to include a B-story?)

But I realized that Vitamin Barf is great. It means you’re taking a big risk. Risks are scary. But they also yield big rewards. I’d rather try to be a writer, and fail miserably and sit on the sidewalk with cheap whiskey, than to never have tried at all. You can’t let the fear of failure hold you back.

Now if you’ll pardon me, I might hurl real quick as I write another chapter of my book.

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