Happy Birthday To The Kim Tronicles!

Cut some cake. Bust out the bubbly (or whiskey). Inhale some helium.

The Kim Tronicles is one year old!

Now that my little baby blog is weaning off of diapers and stepping into her big girl pants, I’m pondering the meaning of sharing my strange neuroses with the digital world.

First of all, I thought the only person who would read my blog is my mommy. But unless she singlehandedly gave me over 6,000 page views, I’m guessing that some of you occasionally tune in. For that I say a genuine THANK YOU!

Second, I realized that I truly enjoy documenting the (mis)adventures of launching this whole writing-career-thingamajiggy. I’ll admit it’s been a turbulent journey, but instead of quitting, I decided to buckle my seatbelt and keep my hands and feet out of the aisle.

And finally, it’s wonderful to look back at the past year and take in all the memes/ emotions/ hilarity/ stupidity that have helped shape what I aim to do in life and who I strive to be.

So in honor of my little baby blog’s birthday, I’m going to share a poem that I wrote about 12 years ago during my college heyday while taking the subway everywhere. I developed a particularly strong hatred for the B-line and often fantasized about setting fires while being squished against 13,000 BU students. Stay tuned.

Thanks again and lots of love!

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