My Contempt For The B-Line

In honor of the Kim Tronicles turning one year old, I wanted to indulge in a little Throwback Thursday action (even though today is Wednesday….d’oh). During my days at Emerson College, I relied on the subway for transportation, like most Bostonians. But I soon grew intolerant toward the Green Line. And incredibly hateful toward the B-Line, specifically. One cold blustery day, as I sat on the dirty steps toward the back of the trolley, I couldn’t hold in my anger any longer. I penned a little ditty called “My Contempt For The B-Line.”

12 years later, this ditty is making its debut on the interwebs.

Please excuse the cuss words. I was cold, hungry, tired, whiny, and overly bratty.

B-Line, oh B-Line
Oh, how do you suck
B-Line, oh B-Line
Filled with stupid f*cks.

B-Line, oh B-Line
You make my hatred so strong
B-Line, oh B-Line
You make my commute so long.

B-Line, oh B-Line
I want you to f*cking crash
So I can see your ugly green rubble
In the f*cking trash.

B-Line, oh B-Line
You suck so very much
You make me want to kill
To set fires and such.

I wait for your train
In the freezing cold
Then I see you pull up
So creaky and old.

Then I saunter inside
Like a f*cking sardine
B-Line, oh B-Line
Sorry to be mean.

But I want you to burn
In the fires of hell
That would be great
And so f*cking swell.

If you should cease to exist
Then I would die happy
Because, dear B-Line
You are so very crappy.

So from now on
I think I’ll just walk
Since it takes you two hours
To putt down one block.


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