A Few Random Images From My Phone That Pretty Much Sum It All Up

Every now and then, I like to back up my iPhone and transfer all my photos onto the cloud. Gives me peace of mind, and keeps the clutter to a minimum.

Here’s what I found from my latest phone-declutter sesh…

1) Sometimes when you’re stuck in traffic, you take a screenshot of Waze so you can remember it later.

2) Hungry? No need to search for Italian, Mexican, Thai…just look for a “nice dinner.”

photo (2)

3) I like reminders to keep my anxiety at bay.

4) Baby carrots sure can act like adults. #ew

5) Santa Kitty is not excited to keep my feet warm.

6) My dad is the most adorable dad to ever dad.

7) Be right back, gotta go see a girl about a cookie.

8) That moment when you step on a scale after a few weeks of eating cookies.

9) My dream man is dreamy and purply pink.

10) I appreciate when things are accurately labeled.

11) Sometimes a girl’s just gotta dance. To ska tunes. In Jamaica.

12) Blue-nicorns are mystical creatures and they like sales. Savings are that-a-way!

13) I have really good hair days.

14) Under my sassy exterior, I really only want one thing.

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