8 Things That I Need Right Meow


Remember back in the 90s, if you wanted to go shopping, you had to haul your tush to the mall and actually walk into stores? Oh, the horror!

Thanks to the wonderful World Wide Interwebs, shopping has become hauntingly convenient, and I can merge my love of being lazy with my love of purchasing weird things. In recent weeks I’ve discovered some amazing products that are now waiting patiently on my Christmas list.

1) Martini Cat Condo
This rules because:
 it’s quieter and prettier than the empty grocery bags that my kitties play with. And I’ll feel less alone when sipping martinis by myself on a Tuesday night in my sweatpants.

Cat Condo

2) Snoozy Desk
This rules because:
apparently sleeping at your desk during the work day makes you an incompetent employee, and this brilliant invention lets you sneak in a nice disco nap on your lunch break.

Desk Naps

3) Shower Time = Wine Time
This rules because:
every basic girl needs a glass of vino while she gets ready.

Shower Wine

4) Chambong
This rules because:
chugging champagne from a normal champagne glass is cumbersome, and the Chambong allows me to chug bubbly while remaining classy and demure.


5) Human/ Pet Hybrid Bed
This rules because:
my cats can stop crowding me into a corner on my gigantic California King bed, and maybe I’ll enjoy a night of uninterrupted slumber.

Pet bed

6) Coolest Sofa In The World
This rules because: it’s basically a giant bed (without the implied sexual undertones) for boozy group Netflix nights.


7) Tetris Storage Benches
These rule because: I can prove how great I am at Tetris while utilizing these cute colorful benches for both storage and sitting. Win win win.

Tetris benches

8) Beer Cap Map
This rules because:
I finally have somewhere to put the beer caps that my cats incessantly bat around the bathroom floor.

Beer Map

Not featured on the list is a wall made of Velcro, which I am currently hunting for. Any leads or suggestions are appreciated.

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