Look Mom, I Have A Real Website!

After lots of maniacal laughter, too many cups of coffee, and a couple (ok….several…) empty bottles of bourbon, I am thrilled that my new website is up and runnin!

Peep the loveliness here.

It’s quite exciting to see my writing samples gathered together in one package out there on the interwebs. It’s been a fun little journey and I definitely learned a few excellent lessons, like:

1) Don’t get frugal when it comes to photography.

When I decided to use that particular web layout, it was apparent that I needed high quality imagery. I had a couple of mild panic attacks when I envisioned a pixelated homepage slider with pictures that made me look 20 pounds chubbier. Thankfully I utilized the incredibly talented Chris Panagakis, and I couldn’t be happier with the results. Chris is creative, hilarious, professional, and absolutely mind-blowingly talented. Plus, he has two adorable cats, a beautiful doggy, and doesn’t judge if you need a lil certain something to help you act natural in front of the camera.

2) Don’t get frugal when it comes to web design and development.

Unless you’re confident that you can design, build, and launch your website without messing it up, hire a pro. And not like your cousin’s roommate’s best friend who says he’s a pro, but doesn’t realize that Flash is a no-no. Hire a real design and/ or dev person. I was lucky to work with Typografx and I’m so grateful for the experience! Tony is incredibly efficient, brilliant and truly knows everything about design and dev. He even talked me out of having flying toasters on my homepage. Just kidding. Seriously though, Tony is  totes the bomb diggity.

3) Be organized.

The more organized you are, the more organized your website is. Make a nice clean site map. Double check it. Gather all of the text and images you want. Put them in folders and subfolders. Label everything clearly. If you want changes made to your website before it goes live, submit the changes to your developer in a consolidated list (not 19 separate emails). If you do send 19 separate emails, apologize for being a jerk. (Like my email titled “Did you know that Tronic means ‘annoying b****’ in Russian?”)

4) Think of your website as an investment, not an expense.

Hey, you gotta spend money to make money right? And part of that is making investments in yourself. And once you see the true value in doing that, you just want to hug teddy bears all day.