Why Jack Daniels is Evil

After realizing that tequila is completely gross, I’ve happily settled into my whiskey phase. Whiskey rules. Once you get accustomed to the taste, you find that hangovers are quite minimal and the tantalizing headrush of whiskey inebriation is an enjoyable and whimsical experience.

Having said that, I need to express my disdain for Jack Daniels. It’s evil. It gives you amnesia. It radically alters your perception of reality, much more so than other whiskeys.

How I think I’m dancing:

How I’m actually dancing:

How I think my makeup looks:

How my makeup actually looks:

What I think I said:

What I actually said:

What I think the late night snack looked like:

What the late night snack actually looked like:

How I think I flirted:

How I actually flirted:

Where I think I went:

Where I actually went:

How I think the night ended:

How the night actually ended: